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The Psychological Significance of the Bible [embedyt][/embedyt]
Ravi Zacharias [embedyt][/embedyt]
Candace Owens visits the children’s center at the Broward immigration center in Florida. She’s furious and she has every right …continue reading

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2 days ago
Malcolm Roberts - Climate Alarmism Background

Senator Malcolm Roberts is a newly elected representative of Qld and from the Pauline Hanson One Nation Party. Senator Roberts & Dave Pellowe discuss what's ...

2 days ago

You probably had no idea that Christians are the most persecuted minority in the world today. It's not your fault—the media refuses to acknowledge it.

3 days ago
Trump’s Critics on the Economy: So Wrong, So Often

This should be blatantly obvious but there are those whose hatred has blinded them, whose media has failed them, who's education has failed them and who live in a bubble so far removed from reality ... See more

There’s an old saying about baseball and life that no one ever had a 1.000 batting average. It turns out that’s not exactly true. At least when it comes to the Trump economy, anti-Trumpers defied ... See more

1 week ago
This man says he's stockpiling billions of our photos

Clearview AI's cofounder Hoan Ton-That claims his company has scraped billions of photos from the internet, including popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — all to help law enforcement ... See more

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