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If you don't watch another video this year watch this. This is what real journalism looks like. You don't have continue reading
Here's a story you probaly missed. Turns out that a lot of those Russian bots and fake accounts were actually created continue reading
Project Veritas got a copy of Google's blacklist of sites excluded from appearing as Google Now stories to read results. continue reading
An individual right never involves another man's labor.

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1 day ago
Plastics: Science is Winning


Guest Essay by Kip Hansen — 18 October 2019   Science is beginning to win in the long battle over misinformed anti-plastic advocacy.  It has been a long time coming.  The most …

2 days ago
U.N. Elects Venezuela to Human Rights Council

The UN is broken and has been for quite some time.

The United Nations' Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights Venezuela released a blistering report on Venezuela in July.

3 days ago
BREAKING: Schiff Pressured Witness To Say Trump Pressured Ukraine To Investigate Biden, Report Says

No surprise.

Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff reportedly pressed U.S. special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker in a secret meeting on October 3 to say that President Donald Trump ... See more

6 days ago
Because We Teach Nothing, We Know Nothing—and That Could Cost the United States Everything

I've been saying this for years and years. It's a disgrace.

The Democrats' socialism should be exposed for the greed and power-madness that it is. But our lack of knowledge of history prevents a real conversation about it.

1 week ago
Newsweek: Greta Thunberg 'Snubbed' for Nobel Because Norway Has Oil

The fact that she was considered at all says a lot about this time in history. Absurd. But this piece is definitely from the can't make this stuff up category.

1 week ago
California gaming company bans player for supporting Hong Kong protesters

Give me liberty or give me cash... I don't think that's the way the quote went.

1 week ago
The Return of Fingerbang - "Band in China" - s23e02 - South Park

See comment for South Park's apology to China.

Kyle returns to South Park and gives Stan a great idea, but the boys realize they can't betray their ideals. Watch the all-new episode, “Band In China” for F...

2 weeks ago
The Real Ukraine Scandal – Harry Winnows

The Real Ukraine ScandalOctober 5, 2019* winnowing / All0 CommentsIf you don’t watch another video this year watch this. This is what real journalism looks like. You don’t have to trust Glenn, ... See more

2 weeks ago
Research psychologist: Big tech swung 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton in 2016

Yes, you read that right. And no, this isn't a conspiracy theory.

2 weeks ago
Ex-ICE Director GOES OFF on Dem: ‘I’m a Taxpayer, You Work for Me!’

Former ICE Director Tom Homan reminds Democrat lawmaker who she works for: the American taxpayers. ► Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV on Youtube! https://b...

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