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If you don’t watch another video this year watch this. This is what real journalism looks like. You don’t have

Here’s a story you probaly missed. Turns out that a lot of those Russian bots and fake accounts were actually

Project Veritas got a copy of Google’s blacklist of sites excluded from appearing as Google Now stories to read results.

An individual right never involves another man’s labor.

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10 hours ago

And what the Democrats are doing is setting up dangerous precedents. They have no respect for this country, its traditions or it's rule of law. They are creating a banana Republic.

1 day ago

This is just part of how the Biden administration will be reducing inflation.

• 370 Billion green energy subsidies

• 20 Billion to pay Farmers not to farm in order to "restore the soil". ... See more

1 day ago

This just warms my heart.

2 days ago

It's a mystery, hidden within a puzzle, shrouded by an enigma.

BREAKING: U.S. life insurance companies have said that deaths have an unexplainable increased by 40% in 18-49 year olds.

2 days ago

Peter McCullough, MD MPH

American First Legal breakthrough with released documents. Money flowing between CDC and Facebook to block information on prevention and treatment and promote the mass ... See more

5 days ago

Biden Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine: We need to “empower” KIDS to go on puberty blockers and get sex reassignment surgery.

5 days ago

Pathetic and embarrassing.

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