Why Newt?

Why not is what I want to know. The pundits write him off and many comments I read on blogs seem to think he’s a RINO. Maybe it’s because he’s been in Washington before and folks want a fresh face but you gotta at least look at what he did when he was there.

While others talk about what needs to be done Newt talks about “how to do it”.

Maybe quick soundbites or tested slogans stir a crowd while talking in depth can bore the listener. Maybe you just need to listen better.

Here’s a great example…

Newt calls the deficit reduction super committee a potential “disaster” at the Heritage Foundation

His books like “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” outline exactly what is wrong with our energy policies. The absurdity of the Dept. of Energy and exactly what can be done.
You may have recently heard about the oil sand in Canada and how that will benefit America as we will be buying oil from them but you may not know that we have considerably more oil sand and shale than Canada. Actually equating to the vast oil fields of the Middle East.
Why on earth aren’t we exploiting our resources and putting Americans to work to end this energy dependence and reduce cost.
We actually purchased Alaska for one reason… it’s resources. Yet we cannot exploit them.
Simple, the “EPA”.
Yet we let other countries, many not as responsible, exploit them, doing whatever the EPA thinks harmful (remember the environment is global). We send our money and jobs to them, paying more while stimulating their economy.
This is just the obvious. This is what everyone should see and understand. But yet they don’t.
Simple, the “media”.


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