Welcome Comrade Jose Rico

Director for the “Initiative on Educational Excellence”

He was named to the post on Dec. 7, 2011, to assist President Obama’s efforts to improve the academic achievement of Hispanic students. He has been in the administration as an adviser since April 2009, and most recently served as the White House Initiative’s deputy director since Feb. 1, 2010.

Who is he?

He has worked for the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant Rights and New Leaders for new Schools program. He is a disciple of Mike Klonsky who created the small schools movement. Rico was a principal at Multicultural Arts High School for awhile in Chicago in this movement, 75% Hispanic and 25% black, and failed. Or rather his school did–very poor rating. Rico has worked with La Raza, a racist organization promoting hyper-loyalty to Mexico and which advocates taking over a number of southwestern states.

Another Chicago Alinskyite.

Worked closely and recently with Bill Ayers.
Worked with Mike Clonskey. You probably know who Bill Ayers is, the unrepentant terrorist of the 60’s SDS but you may not know so much about Mark Clonskey.

Active in education reform
National Secretary of the SDS
Founder of the Marxist/Leninist wing of the Communist Party
Has actively called for the overthrow of the United States
Mao’s successor praised him for his efforts to spread communism
Blogged for Obama’s campaign until he was called out for being a Communist

Just the kind of guy you need when “fundamentally transforming” America. Just the kind of guy you need defining educational excellence.

Did Congress vet and approve this guy? Of course not. He was a “special appointment” by Obama.
If Rico had needed Senate approval instead of appointment by presidential fiat he wouldn’t have passed the sniff test, but recently Obama has decided to by-pass Congress on virtually everything.

The founders knew that only an informed populace could be free. Obama counts on an uninformed populace.
And remember if “the end justifies the means” (Alinsky) is honesty really necessary?

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