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Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday proposed killing weapons programs which included a $1.4 billion cut in missile defense spending.

How’s that for a response to North Korea‘s violation of UN resolutions and international law with it’s recent rocket launch.

But wait, there more…

Some think that Gates didn’t go far enough. The lead article in today’s “Progress Report”  put out by the Center for American Progress (CAP) describes the defense budget as “bloated” and includes a section titled “Could Have Gone Further.”

Thankfully he is getting some blowback and it looks like he will have a fight on his hands.  A group of congressmen which included Jeff Sessions, a Republican, Joe Lieberman, an Independent, and Mark Begich, a Democrat, dashed off a letter to President Barack Obama opposing the proposed $1.4 billion cut in missile defense spending.

Gates called the budget a rare opportunity to reform Pentagon procurement.

Here we go again… seems rare opportunities just aren’t as rare as they used to be.

But the most astounding thing is, making this proposal just a day after North Korea breaks a major resolution with it’s rocket launch.
You should be aware that many of the components at the atomic facility the Israelis took out in Syria were from… you guessed it, North Korea.

I’m hearing the news now as it’s happening “The Wall Street Journal” is reporting that China and Russia have hacked into our electric grid.
… Just thought I would share that as we discuss defense cuts.

I agree we need much better management of monies, I advocate that for any agency.
However I have always been a proponent of the missle defense system. Reagan’s vision for Star Wars. If all nations have an effective missle defense then that pretty much eleminates ICBM attacks. You have to ask yourself why wouldn’t anyone want that.

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