The “Restoring Honor” Rally

More than politics, more than policy but a direction… HONOR

I’m constantly amazed at how little the media actually gets.

The sad thing about the media portrayal is rather than extol the “Restoring Honor” rally for the value of it’s affirmation of patriotic and spiritual values that are the core of America’s founding and greatness they choose to portray the rally as tritely as possible and fuel the fires of divisiveness.

This rally was anything but divisive. There were over a thousand clergy in attendance representing all faiths.
Baptist, Mormons, Pentecostals, Jewish, Catholic… A united nations of faith.
Not that it matters, for I believe, as MLK said, “the content of character, not the color of skin, but there were well represented on stage, white, black, red, brown, male and female.

Honor was the theme with Faith, Hope and Charity the content and medals of merit given to three civilian individuals who have best exemplified those.

And no one understands honor better than our military.

Not much has been mentioned about this but the event raised over 5 1/2 million dollars (and counting) for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.
I would like to share these words from Pastor John Hagee who gave the closing prayer at the Kennedy Center the night before the rally.

It is the solider not the preacher who has given you the freedom of religion.
It is the solider not the reporter that has given you the freedom of the press.
It is the solider not the protester that has given us the freedom to assemble.
It is the solider not the lawyer who has given use the opportunity to a fair trail.
It is the solider not the politician who has given us the right to vote.
It is the solider who salutes the flag, who serves under the flag and whose coffin is draped in the flag who has paid the price that makes it possible for us to be here today.
Thank God for the men and women in the US Military

This notion of Beck reclaiming the civil rights movement which has been seen as an affront and disparaged by civil rights leads such as Al Sharpton, who also held a smaller event that day in DC, has been completely misconstrued and used as a divisive tool.
Beck understands, and history teaches us, that the true winners have gathered to proclaim their message with peach and a strong faith in God, admonishing any violence.
If beck claimed anything from the civil rights movement it was this method which Dr. Martin Luther King extolled and required from his followers.
It was also the message of freedom and equality that is claimed. This should be what we all seek to claim in our lives and can only succeed when we follow Dr. Kings method using faith and non-violence. This is what Beck has taken from the civil rights movement just as he has proclaimed others, such as Gandhi, who overcame with their steadfast faith and passive but firm adherence to the truth and justice of their cause.
We, as Americans, should all strive to claim this in our lives daily. This is a path to “Restoring Honor”.

To use this in any way to divide us is shameful and counter intuitive to all Dr. King spoke to.
Al Sharpton missed a marvelous opportunity to join with Glenn. To “integrate” his homage to the civil rights movement with Glenn’s restoring honor rally. How appropriate that would have been on the anniversary of Dr. Kings “I Have A Dream” speech.

Dr. King’s niece, Alveda King, whose father was also assassinated during the civil rights movement understands and was a speaker at the Restoring Honor rally. She received a lot of heat within the black community for speaking.

And while there was a diverse group on stage I will admit the crowd was predominantly, if not overwhelmingly white. I blame this entirely on the leaders within the black community. For rather than looking to unify they perpetuate division, constantly looking for anything that can be edited or twisted to provoke and reinforce a “us or them” mentality.
Perhaps they are so entrenched in that mentality that their perspective will never change or perhaps they think their position and success depends on that view.
However it is true that the Restoring Honor rally contained a more diverse group than the other rally that day.

Alveda King spoke of unity and introduced a song that encompassed the theme of unity, that begged for unity. She spoke of her uncle’s message and it’s common ground with the theme of the “Restoring Honor” rally.

Listening to the way the MSM reports the rally only causes me to see what might could be.
Restoring Honor is just as much about truth as anything. Speak the truth, even if it could possibly damage you, speak the truth. We crave the truth. Americans know how little truth we hear from our leaders. Confidence in our leaders is at an all time low. Americans have been lied to and cheated from those who claim to dedicate themselves to representing us and upholding the Constitution. They have seen blatant power grabs and a subversion of the Constitution, called a “document of negative powers” by this administration. We have seen a subversion and admonishment of God in America and the integral role that faith had in founding this country. And when we know the truth and what we stand to lose we have no other choice but restore our nation. As we watch the dismantling, the transformation, of the very core of our uniqueness and freedoms we have no other choice than to proclaim the truth.

We are at a critical point in our history. A crossroads that will take us down the road to a European style global governance or a restoration of the principles of the Constitution and the rights of man.

It seems that all Al Sharpton and many other black leaders see in the civil rights movement is civil rights for minorities while the message from the Restoring Honor rally is civil rights for all men.

The positive spirit that is I felt and was given off from the rally is unlike most any seen in DC… it felt “clean”. There is a purity and truth in the message I heard from the Lincoln Memorial today. It rang of truth and I defy anyone who heard to dispute anything said.

Much of the media are so out of touch they thought this was a tea-party. While true, many of the attendees are probably aligned if not members of a tea-party organization this was a separate event based on Faith, Hope and Charity. I think their attempt to spin this as a tea-party, would in their view, make it easier to paint the participants as hateful racist.
And if they attended or viewed the rally and reported anything even remotely close to those types of observations only illuminates their hate and narrow view of our citizenry.
I heard a lot of praise God, Glory to God, Hallelujah, thank you Father… the greatness of Lincoln, King, Washington, Jefferson and other founders.
The importance of faith and Gods hand in the founding with mention of George Whitfield and the Black Robe Regiment (look it up) without whom this nation would not exist.
A new Black Robe Brigade demonstrated by 240 ministers on stage and over a thousand in attendance.
Baptist, Mormons, Pentecostals, Jewish, Catholic… A united nations of faith.
A reawakening of the American consciousness, a call to restore honor, not just in our leaders but in ourselves and the way we lead our lives.

The beginning of the end of darkness.
It is not Glenn Beck that calls you to service, it is your country.
This is your time to shine.

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