The Palestinian Wall of Lies


David Horowitz was one of the founders of the New Left in the ’60s, he was raised by parents who were both members of the American Communist Party.
He now exposes the tactics and lies they use to co-opt the uninformed.

We should all be alarmed at what we are seeing on the world stage in regard to Israel and all Jews. I grew up hearing the words “Never Again”. Never again would the world allow another Holocaust and yet if you are paying attention you see the world moving just that way.
You only need study history to realize the most influential progressives were anti-Semitic and it continues today within the progressive/liberal/left view. Perhaps it is cloaked in a type of political correctness or veiled in a sense of fairness but the result is the same.

Americans love the underdog, and abhor unfairness and so the lies play to that, and if told enough become truth, just like global warming. When we’re young and full of idealism this type of struggle appeals to us on a passionate level and so it is vitally important that our young people know the truth. They are not getting it from their professors. In fact, more often than not, just the opposite. The Palestinians are now the oppressed and the Jews the oppressors.
[amazonify]0895260263::text::::Unholy Alliance[/amazonify] (2004) was Horowitz’s prophetic work pioneering the view that the Islamic Fascists are working hand in glove with the secular left. Remember, Horowitz was once a prominent figure in the radical left.

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