The First GOP Presidential Debate

Newt Gingrich
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Even though he has admitted it was a mistake and has since apologized, the fact that Tim Pawlenty once advocated a “green economy” and entertained “cap and trade” speaks volumes to me about his knowledge base and common sense. He will not be getting my vote.

The two candidates that I thought were the most impressive were Herman Cain and Rick Santorum, although I do appreciate much of what Ron Paul says.

The focus group monitored throughout the debate and interviewed afterward seemed to be most impressed with Herman Cain. I have always liked Cain. I believe Americans are looking for a problem solver who will lead and do so with a clear well stated objective with practical, understandable solutions that pass the muster of common sense. This is the reason I believe Herman Cain as well as Donald Trump‘s messages have resonated so well. They approach America’s problems as a businessman, a problem solver, and both these men have been very successful businessmen.

That brings me to who I would, at this time, feel good voting for, Newt Gingrich. A great statesman with a proven successful track record. A proven leader who has demonstrated he can negotiate D.C. and win. An American Historian who has taught and understands American history and the founding and working of this country.
With American Solutions, Gingrich has brought together thousands of businessmen, engineers, medical professionals, government workers, elected officials and more to come together to solve problems with, what else, American solutions. He takes a very business, no-nonsense approach to problems. He is a problem solver like Cain and Trump but the working, the business of America has been the focus of his life’s work.

So at this point, if he chooses to run, for the reasons above, I feel compelled to lean toward Newt Gingrich… but I’m still open and would hope if not Newt someone who would utilize him as some sort of advisor.

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