Ted Cruz’s Flat Tax

Ted Cruz’s Flat Tax would produce 4.9 million new jobs, would increase capital investment by 44 percent, and every income group in America would see your after tax income grow by at least 14 percent!

Learn more: simpleflattax.com

Here is what the Tax Foundation says about Mr Cruz Plan:   “Senator Cruz’s tax reform would be a significant shift from the current tax code. Under this plan, the income tax would be greatly diminished in its importance compared to current law. Instead, the U.S. federal government would raise 71 percent of all revenue from the new broad-based value-added tax. The tax is a broad consumption tax that would include most of U.S. GDP, including both wages and profits.[3] Due to these changes, the taxation of investment would significantly decline, which would greatly increase incentives to save and invest.
According to our Taxes and Growth Model, the increased incentives to work and invest from this tax plan would increase the size of the economy by 13.9 percent over the long run. The plan would lead to 12.2 percent higher wages and a 43.9 percent larger capital stock. The larger economy would mainly result from a significant reduction in the service price of capital, due to the elimination of the corporate income tax and the significant reduction in the individual income tax. In addition, the reduction of marginal tax rates on individual income would increase incentives to work and result in 4.8 million full-time equivalent jobs.”          http://taxfoundation.org/article/details-and-analysis-senator-ted-cruz-s-tax-plan

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