Tax Day Tea Parties

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Tax Day Tea Parties and hopefully you will be participating.

American Tea Party Overview: 

America is on the brink of another revolution. In a new American Tea Party, citizens across the USA are beginning to protest giant government programs that reach deep into their pockets. These programs create huge economic burdens on American families and threaten their livelihood now and into the futu

Check out the full list of TDTP sponsors and supporting organizations here.  Track #teaparty tweeters here.

Regardless of what you may hear or have heard, this phenomenon is not being coordinated by the RNC or the GOP. Untold numbers of protesters are as sick of GOP capitulation and Beltway Republican cravenness as they are of Democrat wealth redistributionism.
These people are standing up for an America they see slipping away… they didn’t need any direction from anyone to start organizing.

Check out the map below to see if a tea party will be in your area.

Tax Day Tea Party Event Map here

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