What is The Federal Reserve

  The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin) This video is fairly long but if you think the Federal Reserve System is a governmental agency or part of…

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Words Matter

Words Matter 2012 was inspired by a speech... Delivered by then-Candidate Obama in February 2008 in which he insisted that his words mattered and that it is our responsibility to…

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Political Civility in 2012

Obama called for civility. They set the standard, the left set the standard. Oookaaay... It's gonna be a heck of a 2012 campaign. Buckle up. Tea Party Zombies First Person…

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Socialism’s a Good Thing

Watch as Larry and Bill try their darndest to remove any stigma from socialism: From The Blaze: Lawrence O’Donnell Explains His Brand of Socialism: ‘I Hate Bad Socialism’

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CNN’s GOP Debate

One of the worst jobs of moderating a debate I've ever seen (heard). John King was so concerned that a candidate might go over 30 seconds that for most of the…

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Look for the Union Fable – Ann Coulter

A perfect explanation of why public workers should not be able to organize. Government employees are not like private sector employees. Private sector employees do not elect their boss. The…

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One Nation Rally – Images

What Nation? These pictures of 10/2 are striking in there contrast to 8/28. Which America are you? View here courtesy of Town Hall Patriots. And this was the rally the…

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