Obama’s Unrelenting Folly

Obama Links Jihad To Global Warming And Second Amendment December 6, 2016 President Barack Obama linked “climate change” and the Second Amendment to the threat of Islamic terrorism - which…

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Utopian Lies

From Plato's "Republic", through Thomas Moores "Utopia" and the various statist writings from the Fabian Socialist, Stalin and Mao one thing is fundamental to all and that is a lie…

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One Presidential Debate Down

The New Yorker cover says it all but there have been many excuses for Obama's weak performance. Many Obama supporters were furious with him for not bringing up the many…

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Rahm Emanuel: The Definition of Chicago Values

At a press event July 25th Rahm Emanuel lambasted Chick-fil-A “Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. And if…

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Welcome Comrade Jose Rico

Director for the "Initiative on Educational Excellence" He was named to the post on Dec. 7, 2011, to assist President Obama's efforts to improve the academic achievement of Hispanic students.…

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American Airlines Files for Bankruptcy

reasons: high labor cost high fuel cost How many jobs do you think this will impact? Now just think how this administration has handled those two areas. Unions and Energy.…

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Obama: If you love me pass this bill

Obama has been out touting his new jobs bill. If you love me, pass the bill. Just think about that. POTUS saying "If you love me..."? That's just beyond comprehension.…

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Obama’s AttackWatch

I'm not even going to write anything. The images, video and net reaction say it better than I ever could. Here's just one reason why he's so upset. This is…

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