David Brock founder of Media Matters, the outfit that Sorros just gave $1 Million to isolate and destroy Glenn Beck and Fox News, just recently implored Sarah Palin to denounce Glenn Beck.
      …I don’t care who you are that there is just plain funny.
They just don’t get it do they.

A more substantial cause for alarm, is “SoS : The Secretary of State Project” another Soros creation. What better way to win an election than to get their type of democrats in charge, and then look the other way when ACORN and PIRG commit voter fraud rigging the election for the democrats.
 If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em.
From the front page of their site:

Remember Katherine Harris from Florida?
By making a small contribution, you can make sure unethical Secretaries of State like her and Ken Blackwell never get to suppress our votes again. Dollar for dollar, the SoS Project is one of the most effective political investments you can make.

His Secretary of State project donated an unheard of amount to select his choice of Secretary of State in Ohio, Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa and New Mexico in 2006.

That’s right, Harry Reid.s Nevada, where concern has already been expressed about electronic ballots pre-selecting Harry Reid. But don’t worry, technicians are thoroughly checking the machines and all are proud members of SEIU.

Other SoS stats:

2008 Victories: 4 for 4!

MONTANA (defeated Republican incumbent)
Linda McCulloch (D) 233,717 | 49.3%
Brad Johnson (R) 228,717 | 48.3%

MISSOURI (reelected Democratic incumbent)
Robin Carnahan (D) 1,743,819 | 62%
Mitch Hubbard (R) 1,003,692 | 36%

WEST VIRGINIA (open seat)
Natalie Tennant (D) 431,887 | 65%
Charles Minimah (R) 227,784 | 35%

OREGON (open seat)
Kate Brown (D) 873,968 | 51%
Rick Dancer (R) 785,740 | 46%

From the Secretary of State Project Wikipedia page:

A notable achievement of the Secretary of State Project was the election of Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie in 2006. Mark Ritchie played a pivotal role in Al Franken winning a Senate seat from Norm Coleman in 2008, by examining the disputed absentee ballots during the Minnesota Senate recount.

This is an ongoing battle with The SoS Project supporting several candidates in 2010.

Related from Redstate:
Don’t let Soros and the “Secretary of State Project” take over your state.

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