Scott Brown — Congratulations Senator

Just about the most libereal of blue states, Massachusetts, just elected, Scott Brown, a Republican to fill the senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for 46 years and his brother John before him.
Wow. Talk about a mandate… this is a huge message to Washington.

In his acceptence speech he delivered many great lines. The most believable being “We can do better”, and my fav:

Our tax dollars should go to weapons to defeat the terroist, not for lawyers to defend them.

Days leading up to the election saw his opponent Martha Coakley looking like a deer caught in headlights and guess what, it was Scott Brown driving the “truck”.

The days leading up to the election we started hearing leaks and finally public comments from the WH about how bad a campaign Coakley had run and of course the Media picked up on this to distance their beloved from this disaster.
While it may be true that Coakley ran a bad campaign. I don’t think any Democrat could have won no matter how well the campaign was run.
This bullet was aimed squarely at Obama, Reid and Pelosi as well as their deal making cohorts. I you ignore and lie to the people, you will be replaced.
Your arrogance and distance condemn you. Your vision for a european utopia, an intellectual socialist nirvana is not, nor will ever be the American vision.
The majority of people in this country still believe in the founders vision and what shaped these United States of America and the Republic, no matter how you’ve tried to hide that message… to the point of barely teaching the basics of American History to our young people.
We still believe! And for now, you still work for us and we can fire you.

Congratulations Senator Brown! Congratulations Massachusetts !
A great day for America.

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