S & P Downgrades U.S. Credit Rating

For the first time in history Standard and Poors downgrades U.S. Credit Rating.

This shows you just how much a scam this debt deal was as presented to the public. The media touted the deal as a major victory for the Tea Party. Really? Only 27% of polled Tea Party members thought so.

There were no real cuts to the spending. The one thing that would have made a difference and the one thing the Democrats feared the most was a Balanced Budget amendment. Not only would this have put us on a path to balance our budget but would change the way accounting works in Washington. No longer would there be “Baseline Budgeting” which allows the government to spend more while appearing to cut.

Cut, Cap, and Balance was our best bet and it was killed rather quickly. The plan after that was almost exactly what Harry Reid called for but included a balanced budget amendment as a result was voted down in the Democratically controlled Senate.

So here we are. The stock market has suffered a devastating week along with the single worse day in three years.
Job numbers remain alarmingly dismal and remain over 9%.
This “recovery” is the worst we’ve seen since WWII.

Do we really need further proof that Keynesian economics just DOES NOT WORK.

And Mr. President you can tax the rich at 100% and still not dig us out of this hole. It’s not about taxing and spending, it’s about the free market. It’s about small government and capitalism. The cornerstones of this country.

It’s the private sector that made this country great so get the hell out of their way.
Cass Sunstein, the EPA, OSHA and a perverted energy policy have essentially crippled the private sector and stopped job growth.
Isn’t it ironic that the reason we purchase Alaska was for it’s resources and now we are told we cannot take advantage of them. But you know, I could go on and on.

We know what works but they’ll have none of it on their way to the make believe utopia. They’ll print more money which will only lead to higher inflation,as well as  increased food and energy cost.

We must get this country back on track as soon as possible and pray that 2012 is soon enough.

By the way: Obama is blaming S&P by criticizing their methods to determine the rating.
It’s always some one else’s fault.
Mr. President YOUR POLICIES do not work. Just look at history, Europe or for that matter contrast California with Texas.

Shrink government and get the hell out of our way. You’ll be amazed at what Americans can accomplish.


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