Pre 09/11 squared

As if to prove their point…

The left’s strongest argument against torture is that the terrorist will use our abuse as a recruiting tool. I agree.
They will use anything to recruit, just as they will fabricate facts, cut and paste, photoshop images, edit video. [see Obama endorse a book Chavez gave him]
Remember, they are fighting Satan.

So to release documents describing in details how we used enhanced interrogation not only provides excellent training material, but official US documents that they will use to their advantage quoting only passages that will incite passion. They won’t, just as many news agencies, report on the 40 second limit used in waterboarding or the medical and psychological evaluations and Medial/Psychological teams present.

So what does this Department of Defense do?

Defense Department to Release Photos Showing Detainee Treatment in Iraq, Afghanistan
The Department of Defense announced late Thursday that at least 44 photos depicting treatment of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan will be released.

The Department of Defense — on the heels of the firestorm over the release of Bush-era memos on CIA interrogation techniques — said Thursday it plans to make public at least 44 photos depicting potentially abusive treatment of detainees at prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even so, Defense officials say they worry that the new release of photos could set off a backlash in the Middle East against the United States, the Times reports.

Ya think?!

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