Obama’s GWU Speech : Disgraceful

Demagogue In ChiefThe President’s extremely partisan speech yesterday at George Washington University was misleading with almost every word read from the teleprompter. Phony numbers, demagogue

Obama talked about how the Paul Ryan Budget Proposal gives the same tax breaks to the richest Americans. Notice the two words that were emphasized, “Bush” and “Richest”.
The Ryan Budget has nothing to do with the Bush tax cuts. The Ryan Budget is a reform of the tax much of which was taken from the Presidents own fiscal commission which Obama has repeatedly ignored.

He used words like “hurt your grandmother” even though this deficit cutting plan does not affect anyone over the age of 55 Obams gave the impression that it affects seniors now. Another tried and true tactic… more politics, less solutions.
The most laughable line of the speech was when Obama claimed Ryan’s proposal as “lacking courage” which is exactly what Ryan has delivered… courage and leadership, exactly what Obama has lacked.

Obama let it be known that his solution is to increase taxes while continuing to spend (invest). This is a recipe for disaster. Increasing taxes will stifle the economy and increased spending will continue the debt spiral.

Be prepared to witness a campaign focused on the class divide. Keep in mind people with money create jobs, whether it be an employer with ten employees to a large company with thousands. When impeded, jobs are not created.

Obama is not serious about the debt. Please, if you realize anything about this debate, you must know that.

To hear Obama marginalize Paul Ryan should have done nothing but infuriate those who really understand what has been accomplished by this man. Unlike Obama Ryan and his team worked on solutions that would create jobs while reducing the debt.
Watching him was a marvel.
Very few congressmen have impressed me like Paul Ryan. I spent the day watching him on CSPAN during the debt reduction committee meeting. His answers and his ability to work with members across the aisle gave me something I’ve been missing for quite some time when it comes to Congress, respect.
His answers and explanations were clear and complete. Not once did he resort to politics, like the President and his ilk. Not once was he thrown by a question. Every aspect of this debate was answered with well thought out and clear common sense as well as insightful solutions. Not sense hearing Newt Gingrich address a congressional committee have I been as impressed and Newt was reporting on solutions based on input from thousands of professionals while Ryan was reporting on work done by his one committee. And there was Obama scoffing at this. The contrast is remarkable.

Newt had this to say:

On this question of “how,” Paul Ryan’s budget proposal for 2012 is the most serious attempt by an elected official to rethink our public finances and the modern welfare state in a generation.

Ryan’s Path to Prosperity

Our budget, which we call The Path to Prosperity, is very different. For starters, it cuts $6.2 trillion in spending from the president’s budget over the next 10 years, reduces the debt as a percentage of the economy, and puts the nation on a path to actually pay off our national debt. Our proposal brings federal spending to below 20% of gross domestic product (GDP), consistent with the postwar average, and reduces deficits by $4.4 trillion.

Obama and his team members refuse to real work. It’s so much easier to just raise taxes, full steam ahead… what iceberg?

Ten years ago we were spending 1.8 trillion a year. Now we are spending over four trillion a year spiraling into a massive unsustainable debt. I ask you do you believe our quality of life is four times better.
— Are more people working?
— Are our students smarter?
— Is the dollar stronger?
— Are we more respected?
— Is the nation in better shape?
—- and so on…

This President and those who surround him have one goal which overrides everything and they will do whatever it takes to achieve it because they believe the means justify the end. What they want is a national state run by the government not the people as a part of a global and financial system.
Everything he has done and a vast majority of his appointments and advisers have worked to that end. Pure and simple, this is what he is.
This machine first got cranking in the twenties and has steamrolled in many forms. Infecting the elite and manipulating the masses the name has changed but the game remains the same.

FACT: If you took 100% of everything everyone who makes over 500,000 a year you would still fall short of the yearly deficit. So what ‘da think, we might be spending too much… “investing” too much.

Tax the rich…
FACT: Medicare as it currently exist will be broken in nine years. It will not be able to fulfill it’s purpose. Now is the time to make some changes. You will hear, “you want to end Medicare as we know it”. What does that mean. Any reform would change Medicare as we “know it”. What the Ryan Budget will do is insure there will actually be a Medicare.

FACT: When Japan’s newly passed law goes into affect the United States will have the highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world. How competitive is that! In this global market, I ask you, why wouldn’t companies locate somewhere else? Guess what, they are and will continue to do so. How can they compete with China and India who tax their corporations at the highest rate 10% less then we do.

FACT: Most jobs in this country are created by successful small business and most of those file as individuals.

Co-chairs of the Presidents Fiscal Commission Erskine Bowles and former Sen. Alan Simpson state the Ryan proposal was: Credible, Straight Forward and Honest

FACT: While food prices increase don’t you think it’s extremely ironic that we are subsidizing and using our food supply to make fuel. We do this in the name of clean energy while subsidizing third world countries and countries that do not necessarily like us to do the drilling and refining of oil resources for us. I ask you do you think these countries carry out their drilling and refining as responsibly as we would?

FACTS: I could go on and on. I haven’t even touched on the President and his ties to the Unions and what they are doing.

I implore you, my countrymen, please wake-up. Quit drinking the progressive kool-aid. I don’t care how good you think it makes you feel about yourself. Thinking will make you feel better… and cleaner.


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