Obama Kicks Off 2012 Campaign at Joint Session of Congress

Unbelievable that a President would call a joint session of Congress for this rhetoric.

Pass this jobs bill, pass the American Jobs Act now, pass this bill, pass it now, pass it now and in two weeks I’ll tell you how we’ll pay for it. He did allude to the super commission tasked with finding 1.6 trillion in cuts as part of the debt ceiling agreement, which I have little faith in. It seems the money to pay for this stimulus, err, I mean American Job Act will  come through them finding even more cuts. Wait a minute, we’re over 14 trillion in debt and the best they could do after the never-ending debt ceiling debate was agree to 1.6 trillion in cuts (net yet seen) and now say “find another 300 to 400 billion or more for this”. If you thought another 300 to 400 billion or so could be found why wasn’t that the original deal? Remember, Debt Ceiling Crisis.

Same old, same old… spend and tax, tax and spend.
He has nothing else. This is his ideology and his bases ideology. A large, all encompassing government that knows best. He cares naught for a strong private sector, well at least not unless it’s a union shop.
Like I said, bigger government since labor is almost like another part of this administration. And their methods are the same, pay your dues, shut up and we’ll take care of you. And if you don’t we’ll really take care of you. Chicago. Chicago… Labor employs the same socialist tenants the progressives want in place, just look at the how teachers are paid.

You can bet the details of the plan will be costly and favor the public sector over the private sector. All those “shovel-ready jobs”. The problem with these type of jobs are most all of them are temporary and must be paid for with tax dollars. We need the private sector to kick in gear or eventually their won’t be a private sector to pay for the public sector. But I’ll bet they’ve got a solution for that as well.
If you read between the lines you saw that this amounts to nothing more than “son of stimulus”.

I really didn’t hear a “plan”. Not a real plan. I think 80% of the speech was why we needed a plan, the obvious; empty words like, the family that…, the teacher teaching again, the construction worker building again (roads, bridges,… temporary public sector shovel ready jobs), this is what the American people want… We need to get these folks back to work. Pass this bill,… ad nauseam.

This wasn’t a plan. If you want to hear what a plan sounds like listen to one of Newt Gingrich’s speeches. He is very specific about what agencies need to be curtailed, merged and improved. He specifically outlines which bills, laws, taxes and regulations need to be thrown away or rewritten. Very specific.
Even Mitt Romney’s plan with 59 specific points, or Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan demonstrate specifics. That’s what plans do. They spell out how to get it done… not what needs to be done.

I was insulted and the fact that he delivered it to a joint session of Congress demonstrates just how arrogant he is and his disregard for American tradition. It’s all optics with this guy. That’s why he always uses a teleprompter.

So it looks like more of the same. Will the House pass such a bill. Probably (hopefully) not and Obama knows it, hence:
“I will be taking this plan to every corner of this country.” (And portray the Republicans as obstructionist.)

Let the campaign begin.

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