No Spending Without Budget

Ten different GOP senators took to the podium to say they’ll vote to block any and all spending bills until Senate Democrats agree to produce a budget.
Better yet, they and 30 Republican colleagues backed up the talk by supporting Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) when he raised the appropriate point of order against a military appropriations bill (that passed the Republican House and has broad Republican support!) — ultimately demonstrating their ability to block the bill to underscore their fundamental seriousness about the law, which requires the Senate to produce a budget before it considers appropriations bills.

Harry Reid actually broke the law when he placed an Appropriations bill before the Senate. It is a violation of Federal Law to consider an Appropriations bill without first passing a Budget.
It’s been over eight hundred days since since the last time the US Senate passed a Federal Budget.

Surprise, surprise Harry, there are still men of conscience. It’s times like these I can be proud to say I was born in Alabama and proud of our senator Jeff Sessions. I certainly agree; Enough!

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