Meet Romney’s climate-change advisors: Holdren and Foy

This is the major problem I have with Romney. To a lesser extent I had the same issue with Christie. Although I greatly relish Christie’s straight talk both these men have concluded that global warming/climate change is due to man. They are not sure about the science but they “feel” that man contributes to global warming.
Romney’s been listening to Obama’s totalitarian Science Czar John Holdren. Holdren is a pretty extreme guy… bordering on Gaia worship, earth before man type thinking. This is who has been advising Romney on the whole climate change issue.

That alone should be enough to disqualify Romney. He “feels” that man contributed. Really? is that the way a decision that affects every aspect of our lives and economy is reached.
Just knowing he thinks this way and gets advice from Holdren signals he is willing to “work with” the EPA.  You don’t work with a run-away horse, you stop him.

And now there’s this:

Meet another Romney climate-change advisor: Douglas Foy (Hot Air)

We can’t keep ignoring this.

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