If Biden/Harris Win

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They believe in Marxist philosophies. They will implement them and destroy this country just like every country where it’s been done.

  • Everyone will pay more in taxes.
  • They will end fracking. Natural gas has proven to be a much cleaner solution and after years of hearing how we were going to be energy independent now that we are they will kill that.
  • They will implement some sort of green new deal which will devastate our economy and cripple us for years to come.
  • They will expand the supreme Court to 13 seats to try and get their way because if they can’t win fairly they cheat.These are questions they are not answering now although previously this is exactly what they have said they are going to do. Do not doubt.
  • They will try and give statehood to Puerto Rico and DC and there is talk of dividing California into separate states. This is to increase the number of senators for those areas which they know are left leaning. Similar to packing the courts they are looking for ways to pack the Senate.
  • They will limit free speech.
  • They will attack and dilute the second amendment.
  • They will impose a national health system that will destroy the greatest health system in the world. Ask your doctor if you don’t believe me.
  • They will further infiltrate the educational system with Marxist ideologies such as Civil Society 2.0, Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory. Given time, you will not recognize your own children and they will not know the promise that once was America.

This will no longer be America it will be some sort of banana republic.

They simply must not gain control.

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