Gingrich to Run — Looks Like It

Newt published this on his Facebook page Monday

I have been humbled by all the encouragement you have given me to run. Thank you for your support. Be sure to watch Hannity this Wednesday at 9pm ET/8pm CT. I will be on to talk about my run for President of the United States.

That may still be a bit vague but considering Sean has been bugging him for years to announce on his show it could very well be the signal.

 I would say Newt is my man but when I consider the following he’s got some ‘splaining to do.
Ever since I saw this I’ve been scratching my head. Knowing what I know about Gingrich this is like something from an alternate universe. So, yeah, he needs to speak to this and his explination needs to be on par with the Gingrich I think I know… if not, he’s lost me.

Like I said, “… got some ‘splainin’ to do”.

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