Obama’s Fickle Finger

 Obama is a great politician, no doubt, he can craft a speech, throw it up on the teleprompter and hypnotize an audience.

It’s only natural that during a presidential campaign where you are scrutinized as never before that you would have seen how photos are used and how the “perfect moment” photo can be found within video. I’m sure Obama is aware of this.

So at the Summit of the Americas when Hugo Chavez, a lying, murdering, dictator, jumps up and comes around the table to give Obama a book, Obama shakes his hand… The book was, “The Open Veins of Latin America” by Eduardo Galeano, a socialist who trashes and blames America and those of European descent (white) for all the ills of South America. Full of created and manipulated history, the same rubbish that has been hurled at the United States by leftist dictators for decades …you capitalist pig.

Here is the photo that Chavez has released around the world which shows Obama not only shaking his hand but pointing at the book as they clasp hands. Looks like a recommendation and apparently it has worked out very well for Chavez as the book came from 54,000 and skyrocketed to #2 on Amazon.com, second only to “Liberty and Tyranny” 🙂

CB Trinidad Americas Summit Obama

Now I watched the video of this brief interlude several times and the photo that you see of Obama pointing his finger at the book was a split second movement toward the end of the handshake, it happened very quickly. You could easily miss it if you weren’t looking for it. But the “perfect moment” photo was there.

Here’s the video. Watch how quickly his finger moves (points). Yet the photo above give the impression he was standing there pointing at the book. This is what is meant by “used for propoganda”, yet…


Now I ask you, have you ever pointed your finger quickly at the end of a hand shake like that? Oh, you might point your finger when the handshake was finished like “you da man”. But that’s not what happened. Obama pointed very quickly and brought his finger back in for the release of the handshake.
I’m not a nut and I feel strange analysing a handshake this closely but it is weird and the more I see it the weirder it looks.

 Later this was reported:
“I want to be your friend,”Chavez was quoted as telling Obama by the Venezuelan government. (you ignoramous)
 There has been a lot of concern over the level of apologizing and the characterization of America’s policies and actions by Obama in his speeches abroad. Obama has depicted America as arrogant, divisive, derisive, and our actions fighting terrorist as “the dark and painful chapter in our history”.
 These are exactly the perspectives presented in the book Chavez gave Obama and Obama has been apologizing for them on each of his trips abroad.
  Simply put, Obama is saying America’s past actions have been questionable, BUT NOW, now that he is President this has all changed. Now we can be proud of America.
  Wait a minute, where have I heard that.?

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