Drill Here Drill Now Re-Launch

Not only do we need to drill offshore, we need to drill wherever we have oil resources. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve heard, “it would take ten years for ANWR to come online”. We also should be working with shale conversion which is what they do in Canada, we have a bazillion tons.
Listen to Paul Ryan in the above video. All those millions of barrells that are off limits. Does this make any kind of sense?!
It’s been almost four decades since we’ve built a refinery.

It’s just a fact, alternative energy is not ready for prime time.

We have stopped taking advantage of our own resources. What we’ve essentially done is leave the bulk of production to third world countries and countries that don’t necessarily like us. We do this in the name of the environment.
That’s the biggest pile of horse manure I’ve ever heard. You think those countries care more than we do about the environment. Do you think Russia, Venezuela, Africa, etc. will produce oil in a more environmentally safe we than the U.S. Give me a break. But that’s who we’ve left it to.

The time to get this country back on track producing goods and creating jobs was years ago and each passing day it becomes more critical.

Wake Up America! Please!

American Solutions is Re-Launching Drill Here Drill Now Pay Less
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