Debt Limit Talks Reveal Governing Difference

A fundamental difference in governing.
A large European styled socialist government verses a free market small government.
Margaret Thatcher once remarked on the former “socialism works great until the people with money run out of money”.

The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2012 would increase the national debt. The CBO says His 2012 Budget Will Raise Debt to 21 Trillion by 2021. And this from the man that keeps talking about an “adult conversation”.
We are currently borrowing 43 cents of every dollar needed to support this government. It should be obvious that we need drastic cuts now and take measures to get the economy back on a positive track.

Today, after another failed meeting, Obama “summoned” congressional leaders to meet with him tomorrow morning. Someone needs to tell Obama’s that this is not a banana republic where a dictators “summons” their congress. Congress and the office of President are EQUALs.

Can the Republicans say “yes” to anything. They can’t say yes to a man who agreed to 800 billion in revenue and then comes back and adds another 400 billion after the agreement had been reached. This is why Speaker Boehner left the meeting without an agreement.

Obama or the democrats have not really offered anything to say yes to. The Republicans have come up with plan after plan. Never once has the president come up with a plan. The only thing he can think to do is “raise taxes”. This he wants to do with the worst job numbers since the Depression, coupled with raising inflation, a housing market as bad as the great depression and failed policies that appear to destroy the country rather than lift it.
We can’t exploit our own resources because of this administration. Granted it has become more difficult under previous administrations as the EPA has gathered strength and momentum but we have lost ten oil rigs to other countries as a result of his drilling moratorium, which the courts finally had to force him to lift. Those rigs have gone to other countries where we will end up buying from.

The Democrats in Congress have not created a budget in over two years.

Remember this is the man who increased the size of government and the national debt more since he’s been in office than all other presidents combined.
 Take a moment to digest that.
He asked for an adult conversation but yet he continues to demagogue and stir the class warfare cauldron.
Corporate jets owners… that tax would only bring in an additional several million or about what we spend in a few minutes.
He keeps saying “millionaires and billionaires yet his tax increase starts at those making $250,000 and more. The majority of small businesses fall in this bracket. These are the bulk of job creators. They are not millionaires or billionaires and an additional tax would further reduce their ability to expand and create new jobs.

He has talked about default. That will not happen. It is unconstitutional, he can’t default. We take in plenty of revenue to pay our debt obligation. What would happen would be cuts to governmental programs. Of course we hear, and this is hard to stomach, “checks might not get sent to social security recipients” and children may not get the health care they need. Folks, how that money is spent is totally up to him.
Why don’t we hear about cuts to the EPA or the Department of Energy or the countless other Federal agencies? It’s always the seniors and the children that suffer… why is that?

The only person/program that has cut from medicare has been Obamacare:

Altogether, ObamaCare cuts $818 billion from Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) from 2014-2023, the first 10 years of its full implementation, and $3.2 trillion over the first 20 years, 2014-2033. Adding in ObamaCare cuts for Medicare Part B (physicians fees and other services) brings the total cut to $1.05 trillion over the first 10 years and $4.95 trillion over the first 20 years.

There will be additional cuts under ObamaCare to Medicare Advantage, the private option to Medicare that close to one-fourth of all seniors have chosen for their coverage under the program because it gives them a better deal. Mr. Foster estimates that 50% of all seniors with Medicare Advantage will lose their plan because of these cuts. Mr. Obama’s pledge that “If you like your health plan, you will be able to keep it” clearly does not apply to America’s seniors.

He referenced Reagan and how the debt ceiling was raised many times in the past. He failed to mention that when this was last needed he voted against raising the debt limit with a strong statement on how irresponsible such an action would be. As a matter of fact not one sitting democrat senator voted to raise the debt limit when it was last needed.

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  1. Raymond Menden

    As President, my plan would have produced a budget that was cut, capped and balanced – not one that opens the door to higher taxes.

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