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Function: verb
1 : to separate chaff from grain
2 : to separate desirable and undesirable elements

One lump or two?

Last night, watching TV, I flipped over to MSNBC, which I occasionally do just to keep an eye on the kids and for a laugh. Keith Olbermann was spouting about…

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The Ongoing Crises

Socialism 1. A political theory advocating state ownership of industry 2. An economic system based on state ownership of capital ... The Ole One-Two. Environmentalism Also defined as a social…

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My King

The above was taken from Dr. S.M. Lockridge’s sermon titled "My King" Click here for the text content of My King. Easy to copy or save (opens in separate window/tab).

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The American Path

Things are happening so quickly that it is hard to keep up. Extremely important issues that not only affect the financial burden that we will pass on to generations but…

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Weapons Cut Response

Image via Wikipedia Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday proposed killing weapons programs which included a $1.4 billion cut in missile defense spending. How's that for a response to North…

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The Fannie & Freddie Verdict

“Bush's administration and it's policies led this country into it's worst financial shape since the Great Depression.” When this is questioned the response from the media or any democrat is…

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Tax Day Tea Parties

I'm sure you've heard about the Tax Day Tea Parties and hopefully you will be participating. American Tea Party Overview:  America is on the brink of another revolution. In a…

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