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A Slave Holder Named Thomas Jefferson

Which major government-funded U.S. museum currently features an exhibit that classifies Thomas Jefferson as simply “a slave holder”? That would be the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, located in the…

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Socialism’s a Good Thing

Watch as Larry and Bill try their darndest to remove any stigma from socialism: From The Blaze: Lawrence O’Donnell Explains His Brand of Socialism: ‘I Hate Bad Socialism’

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Obama’s Headwinds

Federal Reserve Lowers Economic Outlook for Rest of Year ( This comes the same day the CBA announced: By the end of this year, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects,…

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Dirty Spending Secrets

Dirty Spending Secrets Washington liberals don’t want you to know . . . It's good to be king

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Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy?’

Falsely Claims Not Many Countries Beside U.S. Have Tornadoes Why is a guy with a degree in Mechanical Engineering the "science guy"? He's certainly not a climatologist. But because he's…

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