Another Crises – Another Opportunity – Pray Not

The President gives a speech tonight where he will be bringing us up to date on the status of the Gulf oil spill progress.
I haven’t much time now and will be writing more about this later so this is just a heads-up for you to listen carefully on how the crafty crafts his words toward an energy policy.
Let’s see if he brings his politics of energy reform into this “progress report”, I hope not but this is such a perfect crises to not let go to waste.
If cap and trade, a big part of the energy policy, is put into effect I believe it will be the end game for the U.S. economy.

Let us listen carefully tonight.

And know this:
The government forced oil companies to drill in deep water. Areas on land or more shallow water where oil could be extracted safely were off-limits. Because we need oil the government had to reassure the oil companies and so government set a 75 million dollar cap on liabilities for the oil companies. And you can see with Obama’s “ass-kicking” and blame how this agreement is being honored. I’m not saying BP shouldn’t take responsibility but to not share in blame and to go back on your word with the self-righteousness displayed by this administration is just vulgar.

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