Alan Colmes – Wrong Again

Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor’s “Between Barack and a Hard Place”, Alan Colmes stated that, contrary to what Rep. King said, we did not get any evidence from enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT) that lead to the killing of UBL. O’Reilly said he didn’t believe that and he had sourced the information and that, in fact, EITs did provide information that lead to UBL’s demise.
Colmes went nuts and said that even Donald Rumsfield said this wasn’t the case and this was just the “right” trying to bolster the horrible presidency of George Bush. Time and again Colmes kept saying how it was a way to try and make a horrible president look good. O’Reilly got upset, as well he should. because the point was “keeping Americans safe” NOT trying to make Bush look one way or another.
Colmes became animated because O’Reilly wouldn’t believe that EITs didn’t produce information (Intel on UBL’s courier) saying, “so you’re not going to believe Rumsfield… time and again.
Finally O’Reilly said that he was standing behind his statement that EITs did produce the intel because he had sourced it and had not personally asked Rumsfield and Colmes had only got his information second hand. It was a heated moment with Colmes incredulous that O’Reilly wouldn’t believe him and the fact that Rumsfield himself had made the statement.

Well, not 45 minutes later on Hannity, Rumsfield made this remark:

“Anyone who suggest that the enhanced techniques did not provide important information just isn’t facing the truth.
The information that came from individuals that were water-boarded was critically important.”

Once again another liberal wanting so much to believe something when the evidence to the contrary is right in front of them.
This was so funny because it was on the same network, same night, not forty five minutes apart and straight from the quoted horses mouth.

I don’t know if O’Reilly will mention this to Colmes the next time he’s on but it wouldn’t surprise me and Colmes will have no where to go so he will start spouting more distortions. But really Alan…

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