We can thank ALEX MARLOW & STEPHEN K. BANNON for these questions.

1. Were emails related to you and your husband’s six-figure speaking fees paid for by foreign entities and foreign Clinton Foundation contributors among the tens of thousands of emails you deleted and/or wiped from your secret server housed in your home in Chappaqua?

2. Before your State Dept. approved the deal, did you make it known to the State Dept., the White House, and the other eight government agencies involved in the decision to transfer 20% of all U.S. uranium to the Russian government that you and your husband received $145 million in contributions from the investors in the uranium deal?

3. Why did you fail to disclose that the head of the Russian government’s uranium company, Ian Telfer, funneled four donations totaling $2.35 million to your family foundation while your State Dept. was considering approval of Russia’s acquisition of 20% of all U.S. uranium—the material used to build nuclear weapons?

4. Was it appropriate for your husband to be paid $500,000 by a Kremlin-backed bank for a speech in Moscow as the deal to transfer 20% of U.S. uranium to Vladimir Putin lay on your desk at the State Dept.?

5. You’ve said you were “not personally involved” with the decision to transfer 20% of U.S. uranium to the Russian government because “That wasn’t something the Secretary of State did.” How could you, as Secretary of State, be unaware and uninvolved in a decision within your agency on a matter with such grave implications for the United States of America?

6. Why have you continued to stonewall the release of the names of at least 1,100 hidden foreign donations to your family foundation—a direct violation of your agreement with the Obama administration that all donations would be disclosed?

7. You and your husband have received a combined $3.4 million in speaking fees for 18 speeches you and he delivered that were paid for by top investors in the Keystone XL pipeline. How did those millions of dollars in fees that went directly into your family’s pockets impact your clearing of key hurdles in the Keystone XL pipeline’s path while you were Sec. of State?

8. Another of your foreign donors, Stephen Dattels, gave your foundation two million shares of stock even as your State Dept. allowed “open pit coal mining” in Bangladesh—the location where Dattels’ company, Polo Resources, had a stake in the deal. Why did you hide the Dattels donation—another clear violation of the memorandum of understanding you signed with the Obama White House?

9. When will you turn over your secret server, or has it been destroyed? If so, by whom and at whose direction?

10. Do you honestly expect Americans to believe that all of the actions you took as Secretary of State favoring your multi-million dollar foreign contributors and those who paid you and your husband millions of dollars in speaking fees are merely “coincidences,” as your campaign has stated?

The complete Breitbart article here.

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